Martin shows his mettle


Fedcap customer Martin standing in beside a Restart Scheme sign

Martin, 37, from Banbury, had not worked for some time when he came to Fedcap and was sadly dealing with a family bereavement. We adapted the intensity of the Restart Scheme to suit his needs and he continued to attend a number of workshops to increase his skillset to show potential employers what he was capable of.

His great work ethic really paid off when a local scrap metal dealers offered him a role and very kindly allowed Martin to start on a part-time basis while he was making funeral arrangements.

Martin’s now enjoying his full-time job and with his new source of income, he’s saving for driving lessons to give him better access to opportunities in the future. 

He said: “I’m very happy and would like to say thank you to my adviser Helen and all of the other staff at Fedcap.” 

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