Keith is back in work after his struggle being homeless


Restart customer, Keith smiling in front of a branded banner

Restart customer, Keith smiling in front of a branded bannerKeith lost his job in 2018 which resulted in a short period of homelessness and he has struggled to find work since then. When he was referred to the Restart Scheme in March 2022 he struggled with long standing back ache and was grieving after the death of his mum. Keith, who is 61, had been completely isolated during the pandemic – he lives in a village outside Banbury and has no transport, meaning he had no money or means to attend football games or visit family and friends.

Keith’s employment adviser discovered his CV was in the wrong format so when uploaded was showing illegible. With a new CV in place, Keith was booked onto a series of workshops to improve his skills and address his confidence, help him feel less isolated and improve his mental health and well-being. He also took advantage of interview coaching, help with job applications and funding for travel.

Keith was very dejected and felt down about not having any job offers. Louise, the Employment Solutions Consultant sourced a role with Stagecoach as a bus driver. Keith had previously applied for the role but had not received a response. Louise called the recruitment manager and explained about Keith’s transferrable skills and how he had been participating fully in every aspect of the Restart Scheme and would be a fantastic employee. He agreed to meet Keith for an interview and was very impressed with his enthusiasm.

Keith will start his bus driver training on 20 February. He will complete four weeks training followed by two years of development. He has shown great commitment and lost 8kg in two weeks in order to pass the medical for his new role. Keith has improved in confidence and is looking forward to having a regular income and more social opportunities.

Keith said he appreciated Fedcap trying to find a role that suits him, is sustainable and that he will enjoy. He added: “From the first meeting with my adviser Helen last March, I have received fantastic support in all aspects of finding a job and both herself and Louise, the Employer Solutions Consultant, could not have done more to help me.”

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