Jack ‘excited’ ahead of new career


Jack with his new SOCOTEC Van

Young Bournemouth man Jack Adams has found work for the first time in three years after help from our team working on the Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) programme.

Why Jack joined the IPES programme

Jack, 22, is diagnosed with Asperger’s and was had been out of work since 2019. By his own admission, he was not confident academically but had ideas about how he could re-join the workforce.


Jack with his new SOCOTEC Van

How Fedcap helped

Following a skills assessment, it was clear Jack could work in environment, land, construction or trade roles.

Jack was partnered with our Specialist Key Worker Emma Davis, who helped to boost his confidence levels, engage with stress management techniques, focus on his transferable skills and upskill ready to find a suitable job.

He also undertook activities on the Fedcap Hub and completed courses via Digital College to help increase his skill level and prepare himself for the workforce.

Emma worked closely with Jack to improve his CV and focus on his key and transferable skills.

Getting the job

In April 2022, a job opportunity arose with SOCOTEC as a Trainee Field Technician in Weymouth. Our Occupational Inclusion Specialist Becky Smith held conversations with both Jack and Emma about the role.

Despite it being suitable, the role required driving and Jack had only held a full driving licence for two weeks so was understandably anxious about driving a van around the region.

Becky worked with managers at SOCOTEC to explain the situation, and Jack impressed at interview to be offered the job.

Fedcap also supported Jack financially with fuel contributions for the first week until he was given a van. SOCOTEC even swapped his large van for a smaller one to help calm some of Jack’s worries about driving.

Jack said: “I feel great about it. It’s good so far. I never thought I’d go for a job like this but I’m excited to see where it goes from here.”

Emma Davis said “Jack has shown such dedication and commitment to his development and progression. With an open mind and willingness to try new things, he has now secured a job where he can demonstrate his excellent skillset and has the opportunity to gain experience in a new trade, with a supportive employer. It is so great to see Jack achieve his potential and I have no doubt he will be a true asset to SOCOTEC.”

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