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Did you know that billions of pounds of government benefits and allowances are going unclaimed every year, mainly because people don’t realise that they qualify for them?

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What will you get out of attending the session?

In the session we will:

  • Help you identify what additional benefits or funding you might be entitled to

  • Give you guidance on how to claim

  • Show you where to keep up to date with latest changes

About the session

This session can be done with your adviser in person, or remotely via Microsoft teams. It’ll usually take half an hour, although your adviser will let you know if you should plan in more time.

Not really, but it would help to know what benefits and funding you are currently receiving. We can have a look at benefit entitlements and additional help for households.

Do you need to prepare?

Self-paced learning

There are some great resources on Fedcap Hub which you might find useful either before or as a follow-up to the session. Simply click on the Money Matters Tile or ask your adviser to show you.

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Resources & Information

Benefits & Support if on low income
NHS Help with Health Costs
Reduce Your Bills - Energy Grants & Schemes
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