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Our Kilmarnock office can be found opposite Sports Direct and Wetherspoons in Kilmarnock. The office is just two minutes’ walk from the bus station.

The Kilmarnock team are proud to deliver the Scottish Government’s flagship Fair Start Scotland service, helping people to learn new skills, find work and progress their careers. You can find details relating to upcoming workshops and our latest vacancies below.

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Kilmarnock Performance Manager, Lorna


Performance Manager

The Performance Manager leads operations in our offices around the country, supporting our employment advisers and ensuring that you receive the highest quality of support. Performance managers are responsible for motivating our teams, driving standards and helping to deliver on Fedcap’s mission to improve people’s economic wellbeing. Performance Managers are experienced employability professionals and are on hand should you have any issues you wish to discuss.

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New referrals to Scottish Government’s national Fair Start Scotland (FSS) employability service have ended.

Current Fair Start Scotland customers will continue to receive the full range of employability support they need from StartScotland to move into work, which could include up to 18 months pre-work and up to 12 months in work support (depending on your circumstances).

From 1 April 2024, No One Left Behind, Scottish Government & Local Governments’ shared approach to delivering an all-age, place-based, person-centred model of employability support in Scotland, will receive referrals previously referred to StartScotland.

To find out more about No One Left Behind local employability support where you live, including single points of contact details for all-age services, employability related information and more, visit Employability in Scotland for details.

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