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Getting back into employment with the Work and Health Programme (WHP)

If health issues or disability have been holding you back but you’re ready to step back into employment, the Work and Health Programme could be for you.

We understand that everyone’s journey into the workplace is different and that the challenges you face are unique to you. That’s why we are delivering this tailored and highly personalised employability service commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions. From interview coaching and skills training to budgeting advice and vacancy searches, we’re here for you for up to 15 months.

A fully flexible welfare to work programme

First launched in 2017, the Work and Health Programme is designed to help people find suitable and sustainable employment. But at Fedcap we understand that improving employment outcomes isn’t a quick fix and there’s no single solution that works for everyone. Our approach is to offer a comprehensive suite of employability solutions that can be adapted to every jobseeker’s needs and tackle the obstacles that face each individual.

If you are long-term unemployed with health conditions or disabilities, this programme could be for you. We currently deliver this Welfare to Work Programme across:
High Wycombe
• Newbury
• Bracknell
• Chesham
• Maidenhead

Work and Health Scheme FAQs

The scheme begins with a welcome session that can be in person or over the phone. During this session you will be assigned a dedicated employment coach who will work with you to plan your journey back into employment.

We will assess your strengths, skills and abilities during these early sessions and identify the barriers currently preventing you from gaining meaningful employment. Once we have assessed your circumstances and goals, we’ll design a tailored package that is right for you. This will include access to:

• Dedicated advisers
• Help with budgeting
• CV development support
• Interview coaching
• Skills training and qualifications
• Job search advice
• Access to “hidden” jobs
• Online support 24/7
• Health and wellbeing support
• Online and face-to-face sessions
• Assessments to understand your needs
• Group workshops
• Self employment support

Once you are in a position to move closer to employment, your employment coach will explore suitable opportunities with employers. If any workplace adjustments are required to accommodate you, potential employers will be made aware of this and provisions made.

Our support doesn’t stop once you’ve secured a position. We will stay in touch for up to six months to make sure everything’s going well. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to support you with any challenges you may face along the way.

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