Supporting bus driver David on his journey back to work


David Elstone GNS

David Elstone GNSDavid previously worked in transportation but has been spending the last couple of years caring for his mother, who he sadly lost at the beginning of this year. He is now looking for work as a bus driver again, after being able to regain his licence that he lost due to a medical condition. He needed someone to provide him with support on his journey back and help him update his employability skills.

As David began progressing with getting his license back, we helped financially with the medical he needed to undergo. We also signposted him to our dedicated health and wellbeing team to support him with his mum’s bereavement.

David is awaiting his license so he can begin looking at courses and contacting bus companies. He’s regained his confidence and he continues to receive employability and health and wellbeing support from Fedcap.

David said: “On being referred to Restart, I was, probably like most people very apprehensive and wary of what to expect. I went away from that first meeting with no doubts that I would enjoy the scheme and the expertise of the Fedcap team to my full advantage. I’m learning so much from the team, including preparing not only for my preferred career choice, but also positively exploring other career paths should my first choice not be possible.

“There is absolutely nothing daunting about attending a Fedcap Restart course. It should be looked upon as an enjoyable, positive step towards getting back into work with the assistance of a great team of people that are dedicated to helping you in every way they can.”

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