Darren’s back in work after pandemic blip


man and woman gardening

man and woman gardeningFifty-year-old Darren lost his job in the coronavirus pandemic and struggled to get back into work. But after receiving support from our team on the Work and Health Programme, Darren managed to overcome his barriers to land a job that he loves.


Why Darren joined the Work and Health Programme
Darren lost his job in 2020 due to the pandemic after being happy in work for four years. He was struggling to find a new job as he suffers from short-term memory loss and a speech impediment, both caused by a brain injury following a car accident.
How Fedcap helped
Working with his Employment Coach Grace Livermore in our Newbury office, Darren was supported to create a new CV, focusing on his abilities and key strengths.
He was keen not to let his brain injury be a defining characteristic and didn’t want to let it get in the way of his job search. He knew that he was capable of carrying out the type of work he was applying for – a task which was helped after having a successful operation on his shoulder to allow him to apply for more hands-on roles.
Together, the pair job searched every fortnight for warehousing, landscaping, gardening and groundwork roles. Grace always made sure Darren’s applications were detailed, while Darren also made applications in person, handing out his CV to prospective local employers.
Getting the job
Grace helped Darren to prepare for any upcoming interviews, going through typical questions and techniques to help set him apart from others.
Darren was successful in applying for a position as a gardener at a care home in Newtown, just across the county border into Hampshire.
Grace supported Darren to complete the necessary online safeguarding training prior to starting his role, and helped him to obtain the relevant documentation his new employer needed.
Grace said: “Darren’s motivation was unwavering and he continued to attend appointments and send out applications with determination. He also never let his disability get in the way. he knew what he was capable of doing and he made sure that each employer knew too.”
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