Dan rebuilds his career after life-changing stroke


Dan, IPES customer, holding a dog. Smiling at the camera

A South West man is rebuilding his life after suffering a stroke – and says he couldn’t have done it without the support of Fedcap.

Why Daniel joined the IPES programme

Dan had always had a job and worked in a range of different sectors, including fitness, sales and retail. But his life changed in 2019 after he suffered a brain haemorrhage, which affected his balance, proprioception and left him with chronic fatigue. These, combined with post-stroke depression, had a significant impact on his day-to-day life. Despite the traumatic brain injury, Dan continued to work and moved into the care sector, supporting adults with autism. But he often found the tasks tiring and sought support from a neuropsychologist who diagnosed him with Neurasthenia and advised him to take some time away from work to fully recover.
When he was ready to look to return to work, Dan joined our IPES programme and was supported by Specialist Key Worker Bruce Arnot, Community Provisions Coordinator Tracey Oldham-Duparcq and Occupational Inclusion Specialist Becky Smith.

Dan, IPES customer, holding a dog. Smiling at the cameraHow Fedcap helped

The trio worked closely with Dan to fully understand his health condition. It was clear from the outset that Dan was very willing to get back into work, but it needed to be under the right conditions and with an employer who was supportive of his needs.
Dan expressed that he was finding his new life challenging, especially feeling alone. He sourced support from Outlook South West, while Tracey contacted his GP’s surgery to explain how they could best support him.
Becky carried out a vocational assessment to identify Dan’s strengths, barriers and potential workplace adjustments that employers might need to make when he was ready to move back into work.

Getting the job

With his confidence improving all the time, Dan found an opportunity with The Pet Shop in Liskeard.
The hours were suited to Dan’s needs, but also the level of understanding from Mel really gave Dan that confidence to return into the working environment he had always been in.
Mel fully understood Dan’s heightened levels of fatigue, his poor mental health, and the additional support he may need in his role. Dan felt he could speak to Mel about any concerns and was keen to accept the job.
Dan is currently working part-time as a customer service assistant at the store and continues to receive in-work support from Fedcap.
Dan said “I always felt like I was taking one step forward and two steps back, but now I am making progress. I would not be back at work without the extra support I had from Fedcap.
“I did not feel totally alone knowing the extra help was there. It is nice to know that if I have difficulties, I have a network of people I can talk to.
“I love working with the animals. The job is great, and the extra money allows me to treat my son to great days out.”
Mel, owner of The Pet Shop, said: “Dan is wonderful. He is good with our customers and very personable. Dan just gets on and does things, he never needs to be asked.”

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