Helping communities to thrive

At Fedcap we love helping individuals back into work. Every person that we see move into meaningful employment is its own reward. But we also know that to make those successes scalable and provide more opportunities for people in the future we have to also think about the wider community.

Through our close working relationship with the Department for Work and Pensions we are committed to addressing this challenge in three ways:

  • Encouraging more people to participate in employability programmes
  • Motivating and training people to create a more productive workforce
  • Upskilling and encouraging people within the workforce to give them opportunities to progress

Economic Wellbeing

Meaningful employment is about more than a steady wage. A person in work is more likely to be in good health, have a sense of purpose, enjoy life and contribute to society. While we work hard to help jobseekers take care of their health and wellbeing to gain a job, we know that finding that rewarding role will often do just as much for long-term wellbeing.

Community integration


Sharing prosperity

The saying goes that success breeds success. At Fedcap we’ve seen that this is true first-hand. By helping individuals to improve their lives and move into work, they can better support their families, create opportunities for others, inspire those around them and contribute to their local economy.

Group of people laughing in conversation

Supporting people

We understand that people are complicated and that life doesn’t always make it easy to follow a career path. At Fedcap we dedicate much of our attention to those for whom employment is more challenging. That includes lone parents, people with disabilities, minority ethic groups and those whose first language is not English.

It is through our carefully tailored and highly personalised approach that we can help people to overcome these challenges and support them to move closer to work and nurture their sense of community.

Inspiring Confidence. Inspiring People.

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Inspiring Confidence. Inspiring People.

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